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About Us

Our Core Values

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​Being with us, you get right solution!

Foreign companies who are willing to initially launch their business in Korea, are mostly destined to meet with the various kind of difficulties as like; how to set up a business entity in Korea, how to find the right human resource, how to do the daily administrative miscellaneous jobs and how to prepare the unfamiliar and complex compliance systems in regards to tax and accounting issues and due to the cross-cultural gap and difference in language.

In order for them to successfully launch or startup their business in Korea, it is absolutely necessary to help them to be free from such difficulties and to focus the company resources effectively and efficiently in their core business activities like sales, research & development, manufacturing, etc. 

Our service starts from this value point, "Professional and competitiveness".

CFO Service team of DaeHyun Accounting Firm is the tax and accounting professionals who have strong capability equipped with full experiences and knowledge in international tax and accounting practices in connection with the foreign invested companies or foreign companies in Korea. 

On this basis, ​CFO Service provides them with the comprehensive financial, tax and accounting outsourcing services like virtual accounting department, bookkeeping, payroll& social security system, and tax compliance  for a Korean entity of the foreign corporations as well as technical-based Korean venture start-up.

If you utilize our comprehensive outsourcing services (CFO Services), then you could get the various kind of benefits like

■   You could save substantially the administrative cost. That is, our CFO Services covers these mission at the level of 30% of the total cost, which shall be incurred in case that you hire a full experienced Korean staff for managing these miscellaneous administrative jobs.  

■   You could get the timely book closing and reporting/analyzing system for global consolidation to the Headquarter as well as prevention of the possible error or misbehaviors in Korea operations.

■   You would be provided with the high quality of operation by the professionals with bound experience and deep knowledge in this business area.

Our another core value is "Trust and Accountability", which eventually guide you to success in Korea.

We strongly believe that your success shall be promised on the basis of the faithful and accountable support by your Korean staff and solid business alliances in Korea.


We are sure that our staff is heavily equipped with spirit of "Trust and Accountability" in performing your company's administrative jobs to support you and promise you to remain as a faithful and accountable business partner and alliance until you finally success in Korea.

For your reference, DaeHyun ​Accounting Firm has been founded in Mach 22, 2003, has 70 members of CPAs, and 120 employees and is a member firm with Kreston International, who is based in England and backs us in international practices in accounting and audit.

Best Regards

Gerald Young-soo Kim


CFO Services

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