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(1)  Monthly Book closing & Reporting

(A)  Monthly book closing based on the cash receipt/payment vouchers.

(B)  Prepare for monthly financial statements according to the Korean “ GAAP”.

(C)  Prepare the Headquarter reporting package for the global consolidation.

(D)  Prepare management letter for the specific issue if any.

(2)  Social security System

(A)  Application for admission to the governmental authorities related to such as Medical Insurances, National Pension,

        Insurances for Unemployment & Accident in workplace.

(B)  Reporting the base amount for the social security charges.

(C)  Annual return for the settlement for the changes of social security charges.

(D)  Reporting the new enrollment and withdrawal of the system.

(E)  Undergoing through the periodical inspection by the related authorities

(3)  Tax Compliance Service

Payroll income taxes

(A)  Calculation of withholding items such as payroll income taxes, social security charges, etc. for each employee

(B)  Monthly reporting the payroll income taxes and severance payment (if any) to the Tax Office.

(C)  Annual return for the settlement of the payroll income taxes.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

(A) Summarizing the total prepaid VAT and withholding VAT on a quarterly basis.

(B) Calculation of net VAT payable or refundable.

(C) Quarterly VAT return to the Tax Office.

(4)  Corporate income taxes

(A) Annual return for the corporate income taxes to the Tax Office

(B) Semi-annual return for the corporate income taxes to the Tax Office

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