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Strategic Consulting

(1)  Tax Consulting services

■   Tax planning and tax saving strategies for multinational corporations

■   Tax Advisory service on the specific deal issues.

■   Application for the Tax Holidays for the Subsidiary or Joint-venture in case of the high-tech business in Korea etc.

■   Attorney services in case of tax investigation by Tax Authority.

■   Tax petition or appeal against the unreasonable taxation

(2)  To find the RightHuman Resources

For the successful Korea operation, we shall provide the service of finding the right persons who shall be responsible and incharge of the specific positions, in corporation with the qualified Headhunting Firm.

(3)  To link the Verified Business Partner

Also, we shall provide the service of introducing the strategic business partner in your need, who are verified through on the long relationship with our firm. We strongly believe that it would help your business to be sustainable and successfulin Korea.

(4)  Merge & Acquisition(M&A) of Korean Venture

When you are intending to accelerate the growth of your business through M&A deal with Korean Venture, we could provide you with the accurate due diligence, the proper valuation and sometimes organizing the M&A deal partners.

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