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About Us

Fee Structures

CFO Service team is led by Mr. Gerald Young-soo Kim, managing partner, CPA, who has more than 30 years of experience in all tax and accounting areas based on work experience during 8 years in Deloitte, Seoul. Mr. Gerald Young-soo Kim will have overall responsibility for our CFO services.

(A)  Consulting & Special tax advising services

Our fees for consulting s& Special tax advising service are based on the time spent by the individuals assigned at their hourly rates, which vary with the level and experience of the individual. Currently, our engagement team and their hourly rates are as follows


(B)  Set up Branch/Liaison office

Normally, it will take less than three weeks, once we are prepared for the perfect documentation from your side.

For your budgeting purpose, we forecast it does not exceed $3,000 in total, excluding the out-of-pocket expenses incurred for registration taxes and legal processing cost.

(C)  Incorporation Subsidiary

Fr your budgeting purpose, we forecast it shall be about $3,000~5,000 depending on the volume of the capital amount, excluding the out-of-pocket expenses incurred for registration taxes and legal processing cost.

(D)  Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping services includes monthly closing & reporting, service for social security system and tax compliance services excluding the corporation tax return.

For Bookkeeping services, we charge on monthly basis as follows


(E)  Corporation Tax Return

Service for your corporation tax return shall be charged against the annual sales volume according to the following template.


(F)  Virtual accounting Department (Cashier’s service)

Basically, up to 5 staff, we charge 300,000 Kwon and 50,000 Kwon as increase of staff Outsourcing service includes virtual accounting department and payroll service


(G)  Payroll services

We charge 15,000 Korea Won per Head and Minimum charge shall be 150,000 Kwon up to 10 Heads.

In addition to the above, we will keep you informed as to Korean tax developments, assist you in tax planning and assessing the tax implications of proposed transactions, and represent you before the tax authorities, as needed.

Out-of-pocket expenses incurred in connection with the services will be for your account.

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