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Subsidiary Incorporation

Documents required

(1)  Notification Form prescribed in accordance to the Foreign Investment Inducement Law. (sample form attached) (we will prepare this.)

(2)  Regarding the Headquarter company

(A)  Certificate of Corporate Information (sample form attached) or a certified copy of the Company Register of the Headquarter company.

(B)  Certified copy of the Article of Incorporation of the headquarter company.

(C)  Certificate of the corporate resolutions, which shows the facts that; (sample form attached)

-     To incorporate a Subsidiaryin Korea(address).

-     To appoint a certain person as a board member of the said Subsidiary.

-     ID number(Korean) or the date of birth (Foreigner) and hid address.

(D)  Power of Attorney. (sample form attached)

(3)  Regarding the nominated Board Members of the Subsidiary

(A)  Certificate of the personal informationof the nominated board member of the Subsidiary, like his address, the date of birth, and signature, together with a passport copy.(sample form attached)

(B)  Acceptance Letter(sample form attached)

(C)  Power of Attorney(sample form attached)

Report of the company seal, in case of a foreigner is the CEO of the Subsidiary. (sample form attached)

(5)  A copy of the Lease agreement for office in Korea.

All Documents except 1, should be notarized as well as apostilled and prepared 3 copies (2 copies of Document 3) in each for the sequential steps.

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